Sycamore: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Campus

Recruitment and Admissions

Customize the online application on an easy-to-use interface. Track prospects from Inquiries to Acceptance.

  • Inquiry: Get students into your database before they apply. Our inquiry form allows you to gather basic contact information as well as add additional fields of your choice so you can start the relationship and track it from the first sight of interest.
  • Application: Our customized application process allows your school to gather demographic information, custom questions, essays, request documents for upload and have all that stored in the student database automatically.
  • Enrollment: Upon acceptance of a student, your school can decide to enroll them in courses, or have the student enroll themselves in courses of their choosing. 
  • Re-Enrollment: For returning students, updating their information and choosing new courses has never been easier. 
Transcripts and Student Timecards

Track the things that matter to your student’s future. Keep track of credits and hours (floor, internship, etc.) of your students for reporting to job recruitment and testing agencies.

  • Build Official and Unofficial Transcripts with our transcript manager. This area allows you to run academic historical data and print official transcripts from the system based on course load. Our system also accepts outside grades by our import process so that all grades can be displayed on the transcripts. Students can also view their unofficial record via their student portal.
  • Degree/Certification Program Management: Our system allows your school to track completion of programs by courses and credits for each student. Simply assign them to a program, and the system uses the transcript and course load areas to keep track of what the status of completion is for the program they are enrolled in.
  • Student Timecards: Each course has an optional built in student time card to use for tracking internship hours, floor hours, or practice hours. Print this report in addition to the academic transcript to prove qualification for state exams.


Course Management

Simple and light-weight learning management resources that help faculty and staff deliver and manage course content and communications with students.

  • Course pages: Each course is assigned its own course page complete with News Articles, Calendar, discussion boards, curriculum management, online tests, online assignment submission, attendance and more.
  • Gradebooks: Our gradebook allows your instructors to calculate their students’ grades in the courses and those grades are then saved in the student profile, the transcripts and can be used in academic reporting. No need to import grades or manually add grades into the SIS.
  • Academic Checkpoint Reports: These reports allow administrators and counselors to see a student’s progress in all courses for a specific session and are a great tool to help with student success in a program.
Other Features

We have many other built-in features to help manage your schools day-to-day needs.

  • Communication with Students — Emails and PANs: Communicate with your students via batch email messages sent from the system or our internal messaging system, Pass-A-Note (PAN). Both ways of communication have historical records in the system for tracking whether a message has been received, replied to, or deleted.
  • Student Portal: Have students gain access to their course data, grades (current and historic), open balances, and much more by logging into their student portal page.
  • Basic Accounts Receivables: Create basic invoices, recurring charges and record payments for students to access from their student portal. (Online payments are possible at this time using PayPal).
Student Information

Track in-depth insight into your students, allowing you to view and update their biographic records as well as custom fields at length.

  • Profiles: The comprehensive student profile found in our student information system allows the school to track previous, current and future students with ease, keeping a true complete record of the student and their information. Schools can choose to add fields for any information they need to save in the system that we don’t already have fields for.
  • Reporting: Our system gives you control and access to all the data you manage by allowing you to download dynamic reports on the student data. Decide what subset, what data you want pulled and then export in HTML, PDF or CSV formats for further use.

Straightforward Pricing Based On Enrollment

The cost of our school management software is based on your school’s enrollment and will always be up front, honest, and extremely affordable. Isn’t that the way it should be? When you choose Sycamore School, you get:
  • our entire school management system—no extra modules to purchase;
  • in-depth and personalized onboarding program;
  • unlimited customer support;
  • automatic, free upgrades and enhancements as they become available; and
  • secure, worry-free data storage and backup.

We know you want to increase enrollment, improve communications, and keep student data organized and secure. Leave your outdated (or too expensive) school management system behind, enhance the higher education experience for faculty, staff, and students, and switch to Sycamore Campus. We make installation and onboarding fast and easy, and we hold your hand every step of the way.