Sycamore: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Campus

Sycamore Campus gives you more—more time, more efficiency, and more savings—so you can focus on providing more education and a better experience to your students. Our comprehensive campus management system includes more than 300 features and provides the tools you need to keep student data organized and secure, streamline your campus processes, and enhance communication and the higher education experience.

Administrative Management

ADDRESS BOOK: Acts as the school’s online record keeping system for students, alumni, and any other contacts associated with the school.

ATTENDANCE MANAGER: Not only can daily attendance be taken in each classroom, but reports can also be generated to view and export attendance data by day/range.

DYNAMIC REPORTS: Sycamore offers a selection of Dynamic Reports that allow schools to pull data based on selected fields for students.

STUDENT PORTALS: Students have their own portals to log into Sycamore. In doing so, they have access to view grades, report cards, school news, classroom pages, etc.

STUDENT DIRECTORY: The Student Directory is a directory of your school's students and contact information.

STUDENT/STAFF PROFILES: Administrators are able to make changes to each student and staff profile to ensure all data and information is up-to-date. This includes: contact information, student records, medical information, login credentials, etc.

HUMAN RESOURCES: The Human Resources module acts like a Human Resources department. It is a place to process and store information for all current and past employees.

ONLINE HELP MANUAL: With over 400+ features, the help manual has proven to be an invaluable source of knowledge for navigating Sycamore in various areas of the site.

SCHOOL CALENDARS: There is one main school calendar that all faculty, staff, and students can view for any and all events happening at the school. The calendar can also be synced with Google Calendar.

SCHOOL NEWS ARTICLES: News articles can be created and set to appear as top stories to be seen on the school homepage and individual classroom pages. All faculty, staff, and students have access to view news articles to increase the means of information being disseminated and communicated.

SCHOOL PHOTO ALBUMS: On the school homepage and in each classroom, schools can upload photos to a photo album to be made viewable and highlighted for faculty, staff, and students.

REPORT CARDS: Schools have options to configure their report cards to the formats that best meet their required needs.

TRANSCRIPTS: Schools are able to generate transcripts and academic records after each marking period. Transcripts will then be placed in each student’s profile to monitor their progress throughout their academic careers.


CLASS PAGES: Each faculty member is designated their own class page for each classroom. In the classroom, faculty members are able to take attendance, grade assignments, post grades, communicate with students, etc.

CLASS CALENDARS: Each classroom has a calendar for all students to view events, lesson plans, etc.

CLASS NEWS ARTICLES: News articles can be created and set to appear as top stories in individual classrooms. The faculty, staff, and students associated with each classroom have access to view these articles.

CLASS PHOTO ALBUMS: Faculty members can upload photos to be made viewable and highlighted for students in their classroom.

ATTENDANCE: Faculty members can take attendance directly from the classroom and document absences, tardies, notes, etc.

GRADE BOOK: With three different grading models available, faculty members have the option to customize the weight of their grade books and the amount of points for each assignment that best meet the needs of each classroom.

CLASSROOM CURRICULUM MANAGER: This is where a faculty member can create and manage their own individualized curriculum for this class and attach specific documents, assignments, and lesson plans.

LESSON PLANS: Faculty members have the ability to create their own lesson plans for each class and subject. These plans can include assignments, attachments, print in list/grid view, and are saved in the classroom from year-to-year.

ONLINE ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTAL: Students can log in and submit assignments via a dropbox, which allows students and faculty to make comments, receive instant feedback, and have a digital copy of any and all assignments, projects, and other work, submitted.

ONLINE TESTS: Faculty members are able to create a multitude of tests in their classrooms for students to take online. If they mark the test to be reviewable, students can review the test immediately after they take it to see how well they performed and receive their results immediately.

PASS-A-NOTE: An exclusive Sycamore communication feature, faculty and staff can communicate with students and fellow faculty and staff members. When a Pass-A-Note is received, it will pop up when users are logged into Sycamore, providing a quick and effective means of communication.

VISITORS LOGS: Easily see who visits your classroom using the Visitors Logs.

REPORTS: Faculty members are able to generate reports from within their classrooms to pull attendance data, student demographics, grade reports, etc.


ACCOUNTING MANAGER: The Sycamore Education Accounting Mgr module is a tool for schools to manage their Accounts Receivable (charging and receiving payments from students), providing a great interface for financial interactions between the school and your students.

DONATION MANAGER: Donations can be received for specific giving campaigns with accompanying receipts and donation statements.

School Communications

BATCH EMAIL: Send emails in bulk, via MailChimp, SparkPost or SMTP to disseminate to a group of recipients.

SCHOOL NEWS ARTICLES: News articles can be created and set to appear as top stories to be seen on the school homepage and individual classroom pages. All faculty, staff, and students have access to view news articles to increase the means of information being disseminated and communicated.

TEXT/VOICE MESSAGING (VIA TWILIO): Integrating with the text messaging service, Twilio, schools can send out text and voice messages to faculty, staff, and students in the case of emergencies, alerts, etc. There are no additional Sycamore fees for this service, but minor fees within Twilio do apply.

Admissions and Enrollment
  • Automatic confirmation emails
  • Customize the application by grade level
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Go paperless!
  • Online forms and applications
  • Track prospects from Inquiries to Acceptance

FACILITY MANAGER: For schools that have multiple locations/campuses, this feature helps organize the various buildings and rooms found in those multiple locations.

LIBRARY: Integrate school library books within Sycamore, allowing staff to manage inventory, see which books are checked-in/checked-out, view student activity, generate reports, etc.

HEALTH MANAGER: Schools can view general medical information, medical alerts, immunizations can be stored, and medical logs can be tracked.

TIMECARD MANAGER: Administrators can keep track of employee/staff hours. By utilizing a clock in/clock out feature, employees will log their hours and time-off requests to be viewed and accepted.

Clear, Transparent Pricing

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our pricing. The cost of our school management software is—and always will be—up front, honest, and extremely affordable. Isn’t that the way it should be?

When you choose Sycamore Campus, you get:

  • our entire school management system—no extra modules to purchase;
  • complete data migration;
  • unlimited customer support;
  • a comprehensive training program;
  • automatic, free upgrades and enhancements as they become available; and
  • secure, worry-free data storage and backup.

We know you want to increase enrollment, improve communications, and keep student data organized and secure. Leave your outdated (or too expensive) school management system behind, enhance the higher education experience for faculty, staff, and students, and switch to Sycamore Campus. We make installation and onboarding fast and easy, and we hold your hand every step of the way.


(minimum monthly fee $100.00)