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Go Green with Sycamore Campus

Go Green with Sycamore Campus

Author: Mark Douglas


“Going Green” is nothing new for Sycamore Campus. Since 1999, we have offered simple solutions to conserve energy, save time and resources, cut waste….and save money!


Sycamore Campus makes is possible to operate in a virtually paperless environment. Our online college management and student information system allows schools to eliminate many, if not most, paper-based communications – report cards, calendars, schedules, newsletters, notifications, and much more. Schools can simply make all of these items available online for easy access by parents and students.


The costs of paper and postage can add up rather quickly when dealing with hundreds, or thousands, of students. Since nearly all students, and the vast majority of household in the U.S. have internet access, Sycamore’s campus management system can help your school significantly reduce both paper and postage expenses. This promotes an eco-friendly environment, allows students to be more involved in campus issues on a daily basis, and allows for real-time communication. All of this is accomplished with much greater efficiency and far less expense.