School Management System

Jcobi is now Sycamore Campus

Jcobi is now Sycamore Campus

In the beginning, our campus management solution was called Sycamore Campus. A few years ago, in an effort to re-brand, we changed the name of our product to Jcobi Campus. At the time, we thought that having a shorter, catchier name would be helpful. What we’ve found out over the years is that the name doesn’t mean as much as the value that our product offers. Because of that, we’re coming full circle and bringing the product back to its original namesake so that it better pairs with the other offerings of our parent company, Sycamore Education.


Sycamore Education consists of three products for a variety of markets including Sycamore Daycare for childcare providers, Sycamore School for PK-12 educational institutions, and Sycamore Campus for colleges and universities.


As a result, users will experience more with our product. More in-depth manuals, more videos and more support are all on the way with our re-brand.


Sycamore Campus strives to be a system that gives you more time to dedicate to what you really want to do: help prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


As the transition from Jcobi to Sycamore Campus takes place, we look forward to offering you more of what has made Sycamore Campus your choice for a campus management system. And for those customers who have been with us since the beginning, we’re going to try our hardest to not change the name on you again…at least for a few more years.