School Management System

Our Data Center

Sycamore Education is proud to be partners with Lightcrest – a premiere hosting solution.

Lightcrest shares our dedication to providing the expertise, support, services and solutions that our clients need now and ten years down the road. Through this partnership, we are able to offer our clients a level of security, stability, and network accessibility that simply is not feasible for individual schools.



About Lightcrest


What they do

Lightcrest provides products and services that help startups, mid-size companies, and enterprises extract maximum value out of the cloud. Their mission is to provide the most intelligent platform for our computing and storage workloads, in their datacenters.

The Kahu software, underlying hardware, and associated clouds are fully managed, owned, and operated by Lightcrest. No component of the stack is outsourced to a third-party cloud provider.

Who they are

Lightcrest is a founder-owned and privately operated company. The organization consists of veteran software engineers, systems architects, and business developers with a laser-focus on delivering value to the customer. What this means is we receive a greater amount of personalized attention and focus on our needs as a company.


Their Infrastructure

Lightcrest operates in top tier datacenters and peers with Tier 1 internet carriers to deliver the most resilient, low-latency connectivity to the Kahu platform. Fortified, redundant, and secure, their facilities feature leading-edge biometrics, power management, energy-efficient cooling, and access control technologies. All datacenters are backed by industry leading SLAs as well as dedicated support personnel. Compliance includes SSAE-16 and SOC 2 Type 2.


Our Platform

Sycamore Education utilizes Lightcrest, for many different reasons.  From individualized attention, to a high degree of expertise, data security, the list goes on.  At Lightcrest we are in a complete private cloud situation. We have no other tenants, no other customers within our network of servers, databases, etc.  Additionally, we have increased bandwidth from our last provider and complete redundancy across the board.  From load balancers to firewalls, to databases and web servers, everything is redundant.  That means peace of mind to you as our customers and for us as a company.  In this ever changing cloud environment, Lightcrest just makes sense.