School Management System


Welcome to 21st Century Pricing

We don’t make our clients jump through hoops before we tell them the cost of our system. The cost of our campus management software is – and always has been – upfront, honest, and extremely affordable. Isn’t that the way it should be?


When you sign up with Sycamore Campus, you get:

  • our entire system: no modules or add-ons to purchase
  • complete data migration
  • unlimited customer support
  • free & automatic upgrades and enhancements
  • worry-free data storage and backup
(minimum monthly fee $100.00)
Enrollment Monthly/Per Student
0-99 $2.00
100-199 $1.90
200-299 $1.80
300-399 $1.70
400-499 $1.60
500+ CALL


Sycamore is a unique company. We actually allow our clients to try our college management system before they ever decide to buy it. That’s right….you get to use and evaluate Sycamore Campus before you purchase it. Isn’t that the way it should be?

We’re so confident in our product, we actually encourage you to look at what the competition has to offer. Compare Sycamore Campus to Blackbaud, or Campus Management. While you’re at it, ask them if they’ll give you a free trial of their system before you purchase it.

After you do your research, you’ll discover that Sycamore Campus offers a wonderfully user-friendly system with superior support – and we’ll save your institution a LOT of money.

Contact us today for a demonstration and a free trial!