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Sycamore Campus Adds Google Integration

Sycamore Campus Adds Google Integration

Sycamore Campus, the provider of web-based school management solutions, has completed another phase of integration with Google Apps for Campus.


While Sycamore Campus already contains Google features, an enhanced Google Calendar and new Google Drive functionality have been added.


Sycamore Campus’s built-in calendars have been enhanced to allow for full syncing with Google Calendar. Calendar events can now be managed from within Sycamore or Google Calendar and will appear in both locations, to ensure that students and families have the most up-to-date information.


The newly updated “My Documents” within Sycamore Campus gives instructors and students the ability to view their files stored within Google Drive. Files and folders can be managed and shared without ever leaving the Sycamore Campus system.


This new integration allows instructors to utilize Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to create classroom resources, tests, and assignments. These files can be handed out to students from within Sycamore Campus and returned to teachers by the student. Students have the ability to collaborate and coordinate with their teachers using the tools built into Google Drive. Student submitted work is then viewed and graded within Sycamore Campus.


These new features add to Sycamore Campus’s existing compatibility with Gmail (IMAP) and Google Books. Sycamore Campus is also completely compatible with the Google Chrome web browser.


The latest Google integrations come in response to the ever changing educational environment, as Sycamore Campus continues to provide its customers leading-edge technology that is widely affordable.