School Management System

Sycamore Labs

Since its inception well over a decade ago, literally hundreds of enhancements, integrations, and new features have been added to the Sycamore Campus online management system. In order to foster a more effective environment for change, Sycamore Leaf Solutions has added an in-house experimentation and development channel which is called Sycamore Labs, and this has become the playground for the talented pool of developers and engineers working on product development.


Sycamore Labs is the place where early prototypes of new features and enhancements are launched, developed, tested, and then – if deemed worthy – added to the Sycamore Education system. Sycamore actively seeks out feedback from clients, and many, if not most, of the ideas and suggestions for enhancements and new features come directly from the day-to-day users of Sycamore Education: teachers, administrators, staff members, parents, and students.


In many instances, when an enhancement or feature has been developed to the point where consumer testing would be advantageous, Sycamore Labs will add it to the Sycamore Campus system. All Sycamore Labs products which have been added to the system are clearly labelled as such, and users need to remember a few things when working with a Sycamore Labs product: 1) The item is still under development, and there may be glitches. 2) The feature or enhancement might be temporarily unavailable as it undergoes further development. 3) The new feature may or may not become of permanent part of the system, depending upon the results of testing, and upon the feedback received from clients.


Sycamore Campus clients can look forward to a host of new features and enhancements which are currently being developed through Sycamore Labs.